about me

Drawing is my primary means of expression to create installations, performances and artist books. My practice has a solid theoretical and conceptual research component.

I am interested in delving into space, time and place matters. My work speaks about me, my relationship with others and the world. I like to use everyday materials and simple language to translate complex ideas. I am inspired by the immaterial world, the postcolonial critical theory, various feminisms, and decolonial thinking.

I use drawing to activate memories and as a space to question and critically interpret what surrounds me without looking for fixed answers.

I value ambiguity, imprecision, equivocation and incomprehension as vectors contributing to a multiplicity of narratives and reading possibilities. I believe in the transformative power of art and the potential of sharing, and this is a collective process that begins with the individual.

For me, drawing is a way to enlarge the world.

In the last fifteen years, I participated in international projects, exhibitions and art residencies in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Brazil, China, Norway, Eastland and Germany. I also work as an independent curator and as a professor.

I am an expert in contemporary drawing (PhD in Fine Arts in Practice) and studied Graphic Design and Creative Illustration. I currently live between Leipzig (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal).