DelicARTessen 9
 collective exhibition, Esther Montoriol gallery, 2010 Barcelona (Spain)

8a Mostra d’Art Jove de Mataró, Espai F, 2009 Mataró (Spain) –  Honorable Mention

PetitDiccionaríVisualAutobiogràficCatalà/ PetitDiccionaríVisualAutobiogràficCatalà  (2009) is an artistic work, an illustrated dictionary following the idea of a work in progress. A personal exercise familiarizing myself with the Catalan language, words and their meanings, it is also a conceptual criticism of the reality surrounding it. The intention is to show a personal view of the society and culture of Barcelona, from the point of view of an outsider, someone from another county. Drawing made with gel ink pens on paper, 16 cm x 23 cm

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