Moçambiques: uma sociedade, várias realidades / Mozambiques: a society, disparate realities is the title of the third edition of the project Bastidores Fanzine, launched in March 2014 and produced by Filipa Pontes and Nuno Silas in artistic residence at ENAV (National School of Visual Arts) in Maputo.

Bastidores Fanzine is a Mozambican fanzine, organized by a group of young people from diverse roots. It proposes to challenge the limits of the imagination, allowing different approaches, from the artistic and creative perspective to the critical social analysis. The project began in February 2012 in C.A.S.A. space, connected to the first artistic residence, under the theme “Transport”. The Second edition was held in May 2012 on the theme “Garbage” with the support of ENAV (National School of Visual Arts).  For the realization of Mozambiques, in addition to artists; writers, anthropologists and other thinkers were also invited. Following the launch of the fanzine, the exhibition was held where original works were exhibited and included in the edition.  Moçambiques invites the viewer to make their own conclusions around the social, political and cultural context of Mozambique. These Mozambiques are groups, mixtures, senses, feelings, postures, modes, cultures and disparate realities.



Uzine Fanzine

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