Field/Works. Kaleidoscopic activities between anthropology and art

Online exhibition  ANTART project 2020-2021

– For anthropologists and artists “doing fieldwork” in contemporary worlds, art can be much more than an object of investigation. Curation and creation through visual, audio, or performing arts are at the heart of our work, extending the established anthropological interest in writing as a medium of thought and knowledge sharing. This call addresses the theme of “field/works”, and encourages submissions from anthropologists and artists whose work breaks disciplinary boundaries, and whose practice foregrounds experimental, and open approaches. –



Opening of Desarmonia Fluente (Maputo, Mozambique) 31st of July 2019

Open Studio at Messen (Ålvik, Norway) 28th of June 2019

Open Studio at Messen (Ålvik, Norway) 24th of March 2018


 Between January and April 2018 in artistic residence at Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik (Norway) to produce the work ArtistDictionaries:Ålvik