“We take for granted that contemporary African art – like contemporary art in general – is always in a state of creative reinvention and reimagination.”-  Okwui Enwezor and Chika Okeke – Agulu  

Processos / Processes is a visual arts show project being developed by the Kulungwana – Cultural Association for Development in Maputo since 2013, involving local artists, with artistic direction by Filipa Pontes.  It proposes to create space for reflection on the processes of creation, production and exhibition of contemporary art in Mozambique, from the approach to the creative processes of a group of artists, based in Maputo, who develop work in the area of ​​the artistic installation. 

In 2013 the exhibition Processes: The Artist confronting the Work, was developed with the participation of artists Berry Bickle, David Mbonzo and Jorge Dias. 

In 2014, the second edition of the project was attended by artists Félix Mula, Gemuce and Maimuna Adam, under the title Processes: Artist, Work, Public.  

In the 2015 edition, the exhibition Processes: the Work defying the Artist showed the work of Butcheca, Jorge Fernandes and Rafael Mouzinho.  Processes is a project under development, committed to supporting, publicizing and discussing the production of the visual arts in the context of contemporary art in Maputo, from Mozambique to the world.



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