Yanquimera, Artafacta exhibition, The Privat Space, 2010 Barcelona (Spain)

Artafacta is a digital fanzine coordinated by Javier Jaén and Raquel Leiva (2008 – 2010). At the end of the project 8 artists were invited (Conteleta, Nacho Ferrer, Didal Koniec, Miguel Llorente, Diego Mallo, Raquel Marín, Filipa Pontes and Ana Yael ) to make illustrations of the hybrid word “Yanquimera” directly on the walls of the The Privat Space gallery in Barcelona. The installation offers a reflection on the American hegemonic discourse. The materials used include tape and time. At the end of the exhibition the work is transformed into a sculpture – TheOtherLifeofTheWork. Dimension 250 cm x 300 cm